• Ensure the patient does not have allergies to latex or anaesthetic before putting on a new sterile cover on the tono-pen transducer and apply anaesthetic drops
  • For the first measurement of the day you should calibrate the tono-pen
    • Turn on the tono-pen, then press the user button twice rapidly to enter calibration mode (Many models will have an LED display reading "CAL")
    • Then point the transducer straight down
    • After 15 second you will hear a audible beep, at which you point the transducer straight up
    • A functional tono-pen will then beep once more (Many models will have an LED display reading "GOOD")
    • Press the operator button once if you are ready to take measurements.
  • Once the tono-pen is calibrated or if this is a repeat measurement, you are ready to begin
    • Press the user button once, the tono-pen should beep and the first measurement is ready to be taken
    • Brace the patients eyelids open with one hand, telling the patient to look straight ahead
    • Hold the pen with your other hand like a pencil and brace this hand against the patient's maxillar region for stability
    • Tap the corneal surface lightly four time to get a reading with the statistical reliability (two beeps will be heard after a statistical reading is made)
      • Indentation of the cornea is not required and may lead to inaccurate readings


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