Performing the Test

  1. Check the patient's visual acuity using a Snellen eye chart
  2. To properly examine the macula and peripheral retina, mydriatic drops should be used; however, in family practice this is often not available
  3. Patients with sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy should be assessed by a general ophthalmologist or retinal specialist
  4. Perform ophthalmoscope examination
  5. Focus on the optic disc and retina for pathologic changes:
    • Nonproliferative retinopathy
      • Microaneurysms - Red round spots at the end of small arteries
      • Dot haemorrhages - Larger red dots with sharp borders
      • Blot haemorrhages - Larger red dots with indistinct borders
      • Hard exudates - Small, white or yellowish deposits with sharp margins that have a waxy or glistening appearance
      • Soft “cotton wool” exudates - White patches with ill defined feathery edges
      • Venous beading - Veins resemble a string of beads
      • Intraretinal microvascular abnormalities(IRMA)
    • Proliferative retinopathy (new vessel formation)
      • Neovascularlization of the disc (NVD) - New small vessels that often resemble a wagon wheel
      • Neovascularization elsewhere (NVE) - New small vessels at least one disc diameter away from the disc
    • Macular edema (may accompany any stage of nonproliferative or proliferative retinopathy)
      • Difficult to visualize, but clues are rings of hard exudates and diminished visual acuity


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